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What we look for in a business
Honest and capable management team: We look for management team with integrity and capability that we can trust and work with. From our experience, we are enthusiastic about investing in family-owned businesses as these businesses are run prudently with the long term interest of stakeholders in mind.

Market segment with growth potential: We look for businesses operating in a sector with significant potential for growth as a result of technological, social and demographic changes. We also like businesses with regional presence.

Proprietary know-how, technology, distribution channel and strong branding: with the proprietary know-how, technology, distribution channel and strong branding developed over many years. Companies with strong competitive advantage are preferred.

What we bring to the table
We are much more than a capital provider. We are your business partner.

Our team brings extensive operational capabilities, strategic vision, finance and treasury expertise, talent recruitment and best practices in governance and controls to our investee companies. These are ingredients vital for ambitious companies to transition from founder dependent to being professionally run and equipped to grow internationally.

Together with the entrepreneur, we seek to build sustainable value for our portfolio companies over the long run.

The investment process
The steps of the investment process are as follows : Cope Private Equity - The investment process

  1. Introduction: Initial contact with entrepreneur/business owner and signing of Non-Disclosure Agreement
  2. Screening and light due diligence: By requesting a small amount of information, we determine whether or not a company fits our investment criteria. It is also beneficial for the entrepreneur/business owner as you will not be spending too much time with a firm who will ultimately not make an offer.
  3. Indication of interest: If things progress smoothly, we then propose an initial valuation and draft initial Term Sheet for the entrepreneur/business owner’s review.
  4. Internal approval: We seek approval from our Investment Committee to negotiate and make a formal offer to the entrepreneur/business owner
  5. Final due diligence: We appoint professional services firm and law firm to conduct final due diligence on the business.
  6. Purchase Agreement Negotiation: We negotiation and finalise the Purchase Agreement Negotiation with the entrepreneur/business owner.
  7. Deal close: The purchase documents are signed and the investment funds are transferred to the entrepreneur/business owner’s account.
  8. Kick off & Monitoring: We introduce the wider investment team to the management and together with the management team, brainstorm a 100-day and 3-5 year operational improvement plan. We then monitor the performance of our investee companies on a regular basis.

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